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WorkWatch compliance software is your automated assistant manager

WorkWatch works for many Industries

Our automated workflow, labour and compliance solutions

Built for Every Industry

Being fully customizable, WorkWatch can fit into any industry. Don’t see yours? No biggie! We would be happy to build a WorkWatch solution that suits your budget and your needs perfectly.

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We've got your back: from confirming you are meeting every health and safety guideline to automating your restaurant's checking in process.



Increase your efficiency with our compliance reporting, workplace safety, and other workflow automation features.



Our WorkWatch solution has helped California schools not only reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also establish solid emergency preparedness and automated attendance, ensuring a safe and aware campus.



Automation is everything nowadays: from text messaging marketing to QR code payment methods. We can even automate your inventory management without breaking the bank.

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We get it. Digital transformation companies are always whispering some nonsense in your ear about products you will never use. Not us! You get the say 100% of the way.

Let’s Build Your System

Whether you are here for inventory and asset management or emergency preparedness, we will build whatever you need to run the smartest, safest way. With cutting edge software technology and high quality hardware partners, your community will thank you for choosing WorkWatch.

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Comprehensive compliance systems across industries.

Operations, safety and compliance managers are in every industry. We provide loads of application examples for restaurants, manufacturing, education and retail spaces, but be assured, we can customize our compliance software to work with your operations, safety and compliance concerns of virtually any industry. WHAT ABOUT MY INDUSTRY? YOU ASK… 

What does WorkWatch do? We make operations, safety and compliance systems automatic.

Born from the “new normal” of a global pandemic, WorkWatch compliance software makes temperature, distancing and other health checks automated, trackable and measurable. And those applications have expanded. Want to use WorkWatch to manage time and attendance? Check. Looking to know when every shift has completed its equipment safety checks? Check, double check and “yes, boss, I do have those reports from three months back at the tip of my fingers!  AND THERE’S MORE…

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With every compliance software application? The benefit of data.

You’ve automated your compliance systems and you’ve got all of this data. How does it help? How do you filter it to know what’s important? Enter WorkWatch tracking, reporting and analytics. Whether you want to generate a report to determine which team members are most reliably on time or do a cost-cutting analysis of your inventory, WorkWatch can be customized to give back data in manageable bites to virtually any device or to provide sweeping analysis over the long-term. GET THE SKINNY ON YOUR BIG DATA…

Who’s compatible with our compliance software? These great hardware partners.

Our international team of WorkWatch software professionals is proud to offer real life solutions that improve your operations, safety, and efficiency. WorkWatch compliance software is compatible with these time-tested, yet innovative partners’ hardware to complete your compliance systems.

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Check out our WorkWatch software demos

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