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Your Industry

WorkWatch is proud to support your industry with enhancements to compliance management systems.

WorkWatch Business Solutions is a flexible and adaptive tool to enhance your compliance management systems. That’s why it works so well for a broad array of industries. Whether you are manufacturing technical equipment or running a golf course, taking care of your employees and customers looks the same: having a system in place that ensures the health and safety of everyone involved in your business. WorkWatch makes that easy by integrating with your existing management system and offering products such as thermal cameras and body temperature scanners that take much of the work off of you. Whatever your business, we can customize the perfect system for your needs.

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We help you maximize your compliance monitoring systems, workplace safety and other operations software. You sleep better.

Let’s admit it: change is hard. So when you’re looking to upgrade your workplace operations software, you want to do it in a way that will integrate easily into your current compliance monitoring systems. WorkWatch allows you to do just that. Our team will help you choose a combination of software and hardware that will improve your systems and are easy to learn and use in application. Your employees will thank you for not having to sit through hours of training. You can get on with running your business in a safe and efficient manner.


Making workplace safety,workplace compliance and risk management effective for many industries requires hardware from our partners

WorkWatch has taken great care to choose partners that provide the latest and most flexible workplace safety equipment. Combined with our software, these amazing tools create a customized system perfect for your unique needs. Quupa and Laird Technologies provide social distancing and positioning sensors that work with our alert system, so action can be taken immediately. and ELO Touch proved health screening check-in stations that double as employee time and attendance monitoring when working with our software. And for compliance monitoring, reports and analytics for every section of your system are easily available and generated. Teamwork: isn’t that the best way to get things done? We think so.


Let us help customize your workplace compliance solution

We know your job has gotten more challenging with all the world is throwing at you these days. Let us help you enhance your workplace compliance, safety and operations systems so you can concentrate on managing and growing your business.

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