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WorkWatch Workplace Management Solutions

WorkWatch is designed to enhance your current workplace management software with solutions that fall broadly under these categories


Our software can be your time and attendance system, often used in combination with access control hardware to automate both, integrate with systems like payroll or reduce loss.


These days, it's important to know how many people are in your facility and the relative distance between them. Our software combines with sensors to automate people counts and space management and provide reporting that helps you identify trends or issues with both.


Automate operations tasks from cleaning, to counting inventory to safety checks, sidework and more. WorkWatch is like an automated assistant manager keeping tabs on tasks for you. 


Combined with sensors and cameras that can read temperature, WorkWatch helps keep employees and patrons safe, and ensure you’re meeting compliance regulations.


Asset and Inventory Management

WorkWatch software combines with tags and sensors to reduce loss and make asset management and inventory a breeze


Lobby Management

Manual processes to know who has passed through your lobby is both inefficient and haphazard. These days, you need to know who has passed through your reception for more reasons than ever. WorkWatch can automate reception areas to ensure every person is accounted for.

Get customized solutions based on your needs

We work with you using a customised consultative approach

Some of the ways we do that? Well, we had a meeting with two restaurant operations pros, and they shared with us how Yelp, Google and other reviews don’t provide a true picture of real-time sentiment for their patrons. Happy patrons might intend to give a stellar review, but often forget. Disgruntled reviews are the ones often too quick to appear. But by using cameras to monitor expressions during pre-service, when the food arrives and at the end of a meal -- and a “sentiment score” can be used developed to provide real-time customer feedback. 

Working with manufacturers, we’ve developed _____________________. Educators like our customised solutions for ________________. The list is as long as your imagination in and around workplace management solutions 

Hardware Partners

WorkWatch is proud to partner with these fine hardware providers to be a full-featured work flow automation, labor and compliance management solution. 


Reach out to us to determine which WorkWatch solutions are right for you.

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