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Work Flow Automation

WorkWatch's work flow automation solutions allow you to:


Identify risk areas to improve risk management


Create mitigation and compliance plans


Automate work items or assign sensor-based monitoring and alerts


Track work items and time that it takes to complete them

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Getting started is half the battle: WorkWatch helps to build work flow automation

Whether you’re building a new operation, facing changes in compliance regulations or simply wanting to have more automated systems in place to improve efficiencies you need to figure out where to start. WorkWatch makes it easy to get started by helping you identify and document risk areas in your facilities. Once risk areas are identified, you will be able to choose from software-only solutions or integrated solutions with the hardware needed to monitor and minimize those risks. From there, automated systems are in place that can monitor risk and ensure compliance with alerts, alarms, signage and other digital notifications. For example, if a risk area is able to be addressed through sensor-based monitoring, specific sensors can be allocated throughout your premise and alerts can be pushed to managers’ phones, POS systems or digital signage.

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Work flow automation: your automated assistant manager

Has that cleaning checklist shoved in a clear laminated folder on your workplace bathroom seen better days? Has it been checked off regularly? Is it still paper?


Even the best managers can benefit from a digital tracking system to make sure daily work activities are completed every time, on time. And your organization’s ability to see the long view of how your systems are working and where efficiencies can be had can be improved with the comprehensive input that WorkWatch automated tracking and reporting gives you. It’s an automated assistant manager whose sole purpose is to make you and your teams look good!

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Risk assessment helps you choose the right work flow automation product

Once risk areas are identified, WorkWatch will help you choose from software-only solutions or select integrated solutions that offer the hardware needed to monitor and minimize those risks.

Work flow automation offers rewards

Our software and integrated hardware/software solutions allow you to automate work flow tasks. This ensures your operational needs align with internal and external compliance requirements. 

Track work flow automation over time

By tracking your work flow tasks, you can access reports that help you find greater efficiencies, show you how effective - or ineffective -- a task or series of tasks are, and have compliance reports at your fingertips for anyone who asks. 

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The REWARD of work flow automation

Once you’ve identified risks and determined the hardware and placements you need, you’re on to the reward. You build a plan across your operational needs that align with other stores, your home office compliance plans and any state, regional or local compliance requirements. The software provides you the tools to automate via alerts, alarms and other digital notifications to ensure the activities in that plan are completed. For example, if a risk requires workers to complete repetitive and time sensitive tasks, those tasks can be assigned, pushed out to the assigned worker via digital notification and your employees simply have to provide a digital confirmation the task is complete. 

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The long view

WorkWatch work flow automated systems also provide comprehensive reports that show how effectively your team is carrying out these tasks over time. This reporting also helps companies achieve and remain compliance with infection control and other types of compliance checklists. It makes sure that your team is focused on running the business rather than watching the clock.


Workwatch work flow automation makes it easy for your employees to get back to work, removes the task management burden for staying compliant with your policies, and provides the level of reporting that you need to feel comfortable that you’re staying on top of what you need to do to keep everyone safe.

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