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WorkWatch Restaurant Solutions

Protect your employees and your patrons, and offer enhanced back and front of house efficiencies


Integrate WorkWatch restaurant solutions with your restaurant software management system


Make meeting compliance standards the easiest part of your day


Keep your patrons and employees safe

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Of all businesses, restaurants are held to the highest standards for health and safety. Your customers trust you to provide them with safe food. And now, in this ever-changing world, they trust you to provide them with a safe environment. Your employees do too. Instead of making that task an added burden to an already arduous business, make it the easiest thing you do.

Integrate WorkWatch restaurant solutions software and hardware enhancements with your restaurant software management system so meeting compliance standards and keeping your patrons and employees safe will be the easiest part of your day.


How we help restaurants with employee safety

We offer tools like health check-in kiosks, face and mask recognition, and space capacity monitors so your employees know you take their health and safety seriously. With WorkWatch Restaurant Solutions, you can help ensure employee safety and leave them free to concentrate on customer service and sales.


Our software for restaurants help with labor management 

Like any great system, WorkWatch restaurant solutions multi-tasks by helping you with the very important task of labor management while also monitoring safety issues. Time & attendance monitoring, reports and analytics, and duty assignments and alerts are just a few of the solutions we have for successful labor management.

Creating a safe workplace for restaurants is supported

by hardware from our partners

WorkWatch partners with companies that create cutting-edge hardware to ensure a safe workplace. Thermal cameras, air-circulation sensors, and safety/status signage all work together to keep every corner of the restaurant safe and monitored. These tools also keep your employees well-informed so they can be a part of your solutions.


The WorkWatch Mobile App

Makes WorkWatch restaurant solutions work for your entire team

Define your administrative solutions in the WorkWatch application. Then add any team member as a user and install our handy dashboard on their mobile device(s) to:

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Send team members’ automated task reminders

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Allow them to check off completed tasks

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Receive alerts about crowds, mask issues or virtually any sensor data you’ve set up in the main application


Packages for Restaurant Safety and Profit

From the lobby to the bar to the dining floor, these days, monitoring space and occupancy numbers is key to happy and safe restaurant management. We offer various solutions, cameras or SD sensor tags, for example, to aid you with occupancy management


Our cameras can be set up to monitor mask compliance by employees and patrons in your restaurant. You can customize alerts based on the settings you define.

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Restaurant managers are juggling a thousand tasks while still being responsive to staff and customer needs. A work flow automation plan ensures daily tasks -- from bathroom cleanings to inventory checks -- are completed without fail.


Now, every reservation and employee attendance record can be tied to a temperature check and/or symptom survey to ensure best health practices.

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Seeing trends over time helps you to manage labor, inventory and customer behavior and adjust operations strategies for maximum ROI. WorkWatch offers comprehensive reporting data to monitor these trends.


Let WorkWatch support your best restaurant operations practices by integrating effortlessly with your current restaurant management system

You work hard every day to make your restaurant successful. Let WorkWatch help by ensuring the health and safety of your employees, customers and YOU with our high-quality, easily-integrated, easy-to-operate solutions, while maximizing operations efficiencies and your ROI.

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