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WorkWatch Retail Solutions

Bring customers back into your store by showing them you are serious about their health and safety


WorkWatch counting systems in the front-of-store ensure capacity checks aren’t exceeded, so customers can relax and linger in the store


Back-of-store solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing labor management systems


Task management solutions make customers and employees feel safe

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Recent studies show that retail customers want to get back to in-store shopping but are concerned about lingering in stores because of health and safety concerns. Retailers who use WorkWatch retail solutions, however, give their shoppers peace of mind so they can focus on shopping.  They walk in the door and see that you have individual check-out kiosks, and a people counter and space management system in place. They relax. They shop. They purchase.You know how many are in the store at any given time.


Keep your employees safe and working efficiently with Workwatch retail solutions

Workwatch solutions are for both front of store -- so your customers see you are serious about keeping them safe, and back of the store -- so you can help ensure employee safety and leave them free to concentrate on customer service and sales. Task management solutions are great for safety duties like sanitizing and temperature checks, and also for everyday duties such as restocking and display maintenance.


Your labor management made easy

WorkWatch retail solutions are great in that they multitask by helping you manage labor while also monitoring safety issues. Time & attendance monitoring, reports and analytics, and duty assignments and alerts are just a few of the solutions we have for successful labor management. Especially helpful for retail operations are our inventory management solutions.

WorkWatch partners with cutting-edge companies to ensure safety and efficiency

Companies that create cutting-edge hardware are our favorite partners. We show you how to integrate with our partners’ products -- like thermal cameras, air-circulation sensors, and digital signage -- to work together to keep every corner of the store monitored and safe. These tools also make it easy for your employees to work efficiently and ensure their own safety while protecting customers too.


The WorkWatch Mobile App

Makes WorkWatch retail solutions work for your entire team

Define your administrative solutions in the WorkWatch application. Then add any team member as a user and install our handy dashboard on their mobile device(s) to:

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Send team members’ automated task reminders

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Allow them to check off completed tasks

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Receive alerts about crowds, mask issues or virtually any sensor data you’ve set up in the main application


Packages for Retail Safety and Profit

From the sales racks to the new merchandise display, monitoring space and occupancy numbers is key to retail health and loss prevention. We offer various solutions, cameras or SD sensor tags, for example, to aid you with occupancy management


Our cameras can be set up to monitor mask compliance by employees and patrons in your store. You can customize alerts based on the settings you define.

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Retail managers have many tasks while still being responsive to staff and customer needs. A work flow automation plan ensures daily tasks -- from bathroom cleanings to inventory checks -- are completed without fail.


If you have a retail space where you test temps or other symptoms prior to entry, you can tie those checks to contact tracing or other compliance reports to ensure best health practices.

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Seeing trends over time helps you to manage labor, inventory and customer behavior and adjust operations strategies for maximum ROI. WorkWatch offers comprehensive reporting data to monitor these trends.


WorkWatch integrates effortlessly with your current retail management systems, ensuring efficient and successful operations

You work hard every day to make your store prosperous. Let WorkWatch help by maintaining the health and safety of your employees, customers and YOU with our high-quality, easily-integrated, easy-to-operate solutions, while enhancing operations efficiencies and your ROI.

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