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Temperature Screening Solution

Are you looking for a temperature screening solution for your business? Look no further! More than 150+ companies such as restaurants, plants, retailers and food manufacturers have implemented our innovative software.


You're not only able to automatically scan temperatures but you're also able to use pre-screening surveys, automate on-site checks and track temperature trends for both patrons and your labor force.


Read more below about why so many companies trust our solutions or talk directly to a representative. We are happy to help.

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Ensure safety with automatic monitoring


Be fully compliant


Reduce spread of illnesses that cause manufacturing downtime

Don’t just take our word for it, read the experience of others!

WorkWatch is trusted by companies of all sizes

“The team from WorkWatch helped us offer a product that fits into today’s world – that is connected to the Internet and the cloud. We are able to offer features that people are looking for. At the end of the day, you have a product that you can really be proud of and happy with.”


We needed to be able to do a temperature check

"We were trying to figure out a quick and efficient way that we could check in our faculty and staff according to the COVID standards. We needed to be able to do a temperature check and then be able to respond to contact tracing...(WorkWatch) definitely got us to where we can check in a fairly large number of people in a manageable amount of time."


Martin Amaro
Beacon Technical Systems

Shayne Hale

Director of Facilities at Presentation High School

WorkWatch works for your business

Temperature checks; screening for safety:

These days, virtually any type of business may need to implement some type of body temperature screening solution. WorkWatch offers myriad options to give you the most accurate temperature sensing and comprehensive reporting available. From pre-screening surveys to active business body temperature thermometers to passive recording of temperatures and mask usage, we have the solution for your unique application.

Controlling safety from the opening of the door:

WorkWatch offers a fully automated, self-service temperature screening kiosk that simplifies the check-in process and visitor management. The kiosk sends data like check-in times, temperatures, and time clock information to WorkWatch where it is stored, protected, and can be accessed by administrators at any time. Checking in and administering quick and accurate temperature checks has never been easier.


• The new “normal”? :

These cameras act as passive monitors of facial and body surface temperature screening in high-volume areas to record fluctuations in temperatures and check for mask usage


How does it work?

Temperature screening kiosks:

For patrons or employees, WorkWatch offers high-accuracy, no touch temperature check kiosks that can be stationed in a lobby or at another entrance to control access to facilities

Body temperature scanners:

Use handheld temperature screening units for high-volume access pints like stadiums, retail, amusement parks and more.

Thermal imaging cameras:

These cameras act as passive monitors of facial and and body surface temperature for screening high-volume areas, recording fluctuations in temperatures and checking for mask compliance if your business requires it

Our Services

Our Team Is Here To Help

One of the most challenging aspects of adding a new software to your business systems can be integrating it with your existing systems. That's where WorkWatch expert consultative team comes in to help.

The flexibility of WorkWatch makes it easy to implement across your existing systems, and across all of your team's devices. But "easy" can be relative to the complexity of your current processes, so we'll walk your through developing your workflow plan and creating the alarms and notifications that will ensure the plan is user-friendly for every employee.

How can WorkWatch work for you?

Curious about how WorkWatch can improve your work flow, compliance checks and workplace health and safety? Contact us for a demo and help in designing a custom solution for your business.

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If you’d like to see how to automate these tasks via WorkWatch modules — our web application, mobile app, and associated hardware, we can offer you a demonstration any time. 

How Can WorkWatch’s Food Manufacturing Solutions Help

WorkWatch is designed to help you customize the points in your work flow that need automation and integrate seamlessly with your food manufacturing ERP, qa software and other food manufacturing software solutions. In food manufacturing, the applications are many and our downloadable checklist will help you get started on a work flow plan specific to your needs. 

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Food Manufacturing Compliance

Food Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Food Manufacturing Safety

From FDA compliance, to industry established measures like the Global Safety Food Initiative (GFSI),  to your own plants’ best cPMG practices, WorkWatch used as a food manufacturing compliance software can ensure you never miss out on either the expectations set for you by others or by yourself. And our full suite of reporting tools makes sure you can have compliance proof at your fingertips in moments.

In food manufacturing, quality assurance is critical to every aspect of your work flow. Count on WorkWatch to help you build a food manufacturing quality control plan with automated live line checks to ensure QA goals are met. Our modules offer integrated sensors and QR codes as needed to support the software.

Neck and neck with compliance and quality assurance is your need to protect your best food safety network — your employees! Not only can WorkWatch food manufacturing solutions offer automation that protects products leaving your facility, instituting automated safety checks can protect the persons inside who make your business run. From pre-screening health checks to sanitation automation, WorkWatch tools can ensure your floor and employees are protected.

Integrated software and hardware modules offer solutions customized with and for you

At WorkWatch, we take pride in our ability to customize solutions that will integrate with and enhance those that are already working for you. We offer solutions that support your operations needs in the areas of: 


Work flow Automation


Time, Attendance and Access Control


Workplace Health and Infection Control


People Counts & Space Management


Asset & Inventory Management


Lobby Management

And More...


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