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Getting Started With

WorkWatch Small Business Account

1. Activate your account from the email sent during sign up

2. Login to the Workwatch Web Application

3. Download and login to the Workwatch mobile app

There are 2 pieces to Workwatch. The web application is where you setup and manage employees and get all your reports and the mobile app is used to scan passes. Use the same username (your email) and password for both mobile.


Step 1

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Completing Health Check Survey

& Generate Day Pass

Texting "Begin" to 253-303-5530 will initiate the health check survey. The person texting will be prompted with questions from the survey. Once all survey questions are completed, a link will be sent to a "day pass" with a QR code. 

If someone answers a question indicating that they have symptoms, a failed pass will be issued. The pass link will be available to the person and if they do show up at your facility when scanned, the mobile app will indicate that the questionnaire was failed and you can choose to do a secondary screening. Workwatch will record the scan for the individual. 

Step 2

Scanning Day Passes

The Workwatch Mobile App is easy to use. Once you've logged into the app, tap the "Scan" icon. Point the camera at the visitor's day pass QR Code. 

Their details will be displayed. You will then have the ability to record their temperature using a handheld thermometer. 


Step 3

Review Data In Your

WorkWatch Web Application

By asking your customers to fill out symptom surveys, they will get Workwatch Day Passes which you can then scan using the Workwatch mobile app. The passes you scan are then recorded each day and accessible on the Workwatch web application. Keep your customers safe, build your contact database and stay compliant with local regulations without having to rely on pens and paper. The Workwatch web application is located at

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Upgrade & Extend

Workwatch Basic has everything you need to get started screening your employees and visitors.
Additional add-ons extend Workwatch and support hardware based screening and monitoring solutions.


Additional features and functionality to extend your solution or to help with high volume screening scenarios. 

Add Ons For Your Solution:

Advanced Analytics

Custom Health Check Survey

Thermal Camera Support

Mask Detection Support

Multiple Users

Facial Recognition Support

Entry and Exit Management

Workplace Checklist Automation

Social Distancing/Contact Tracing


Custom application development and support for specialized use cases and integrations.

Every thing in 

Custom Kiosk 

Social Distancing Device Support

Integration Support

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Find your answer from our FAQs or get in touch with us and we'll figure it out together.

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