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Adaptation: How People Counters Became Successful Sales Analytics Tools

WorkWatch is an all-encompassing environment, health, and safety product that has helped reopen San Francisco schools with its automated check-ins for attendance, workflow automation to retain high sanitation standards, and even establish emergency preparedness among school populations. Yet WorkWatch is so much more than an EHS product. Being a fully customizable solution, WorkWatch is extremely malleable. We can create a WorkWatch package for any industry, whether they want to boost their revenue or get a grip on infection control. We want to highlight one of our customers, CBD Botanicals of Illinois, who uses WorkWatch as its premiere sales analytics software.

CBD Botanicals’ products were voted the best CBD products in Springfield, Illinois and this is likely due to its owner, Jim’s, dedication to healthy, quality living. His stores even stayed open during the pandemic’s peak because Jim wanted to help people cope with the ongoing stresses of an economic collapse and the repercussions of last year’s global health crisis. According to LoudCloud Health, 9 million people started using CBD for the first time due to the pandemic. With so many new buyers and a competitive market, Jim needed to understand what customers were gravitated towards. To get a better understanding of what his customers, new and old, were drawn to, Jim welcomed the help of WorkWatch. Jim says:

We’re in a very good market so we got to be competitive in not only our products that we offer but making sure that people can see them and that’s where (WorkWatch) came in very handy for me because I then began to move things through the store so I could place them better in my shops, therefore hoping to increase sales.

WorkWatch’s people counting sensor sounds very intimidating: it tracks every person in a space, keeps count of the number of people in a space, and can even tell the difference between adults, children, and objects. But just because the people counter sounds scary, does not mean it has to be. CBD Botanicals’ people counter is up on its ceiling and tracks people as they come into the store and how they move within the space. The people counter is Jim’s way of understanding if his products are placed in a spot where people are looking, if they are placed at the right level, and what else their customers pursue as they walk through the establishment. This data is collected and stored in Amazon Web Services’ secure cloud and made more digestible through WorkWatch’s data visualization tools.

We are so proud of Jim’s ability to serve his community during such a time of need. His dedication to staying open is extremely admirable and even though the country is finally starting to open back up, we want to ensure every small business’s success.

To learn more about our WorkWatch’s analytics capabilities, email our team at

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