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Covid Compliance For Small Business

Businesses everywhere have different requirements to screen employees and visitors. Finally a simple system to make sure you stay compliant with whatever requirements are thrown at you. Stay open. Stay safe.

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Managing Covid in the workplace is forcing small businesses to implement new policies and compliance protocols. Those new procedures can be a burden on your employees, customers and managers.

We set up a small business package for Workwatch designed to help you screen employees and manage your back-to-work protocols.

Talk to one of our back to work compliance experts to help you get started. 

The Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Additional Record Keeping

As a small business owner you now need to document and keep records to show that you are compliant with regulations.

Public Scrutiny

In this environment, businesses cannot afford to be non-compliant. Bad publicity and press can lead to more shut downs.

More Stress

You still have to find time to actually run your business. Doing more with less is never fun. 

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Time is ticking...

With Influenza season right around the corner, can you really afford to wait? Covid protocols are part of the new way of managing your people and facilities and we can help. 

We will be in touch soon!

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We Solve Three Problems With One Solution

Pre-Entry Screening

Eliminate the paper headache and repetitive surveying of everyone who comes in. Guests and Employees complete their surveys via text.

Easy and Fast Symptom Checks

Symptom checks by SMS

QR Code Day Pass

Scan Passes With Mobile App

Day Passes Valid For 24 Hours

Temperature Checking

Use a handheld thermometer and the Workwatch Mobile App to
record temperature.

Record Optional Body Temperature

Use Any Handheld Thermometer

Comply with your guidance

High Temps are Flagged

Complete Entry Record

Daily Entry Report

No more paper records or Google Sheets. Workwatch records all of the entry scans and temperature checks into an easy to read report.

Know who has entered your facility and that they've been properly screened

Visitor Names

Time and Date of Survey

Entry Date and Time


SMS Number of Respondent

Have Any Question?

Find your answer from our FAQs or get in touch with us and we'll figure it out together.

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