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Keep Your People Safe.

Make Life Easier.

Workwatch Is A Complete Solution For All Your Safe Workplace and Compliance Needs. Eliminate the risk of your employees not following procedures and prove that you're doing all you can.


Your people are your biggest asset. Of course you want to keep them safe and get back to work. Simple mistakes can expose your business to potential fines, shutdowns, or liability. If you think it couldn't possibly be a problem for you...think again.

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Time is ticking...

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With COVID cases on the rise and Influenza season just around the corner, can you really afford to wait? Let's discuss your specific back-to-work program and see how we can help.



Automated symptom screening via SMS or email. Employees are issued a Workwatch Day Pass that is scanned at entry.



Record temperature for employees and visitors using thermal cameras or manually using a handheld and mobile app.



Manage social distancing rules with wearable beacons that use light and sound alarms. Easy contact tracing solution. 



Track your sanitation and compliance related work items. Assign tasks and track time and compliance automatically.

The Challenges of Safely Re-Opening


More Paperwork

To re-open, you need to survey employees and customers for symptoms daily and track temperatures. That's a lot of paperwork to manage.


Increased Risk

Being able to prove you have a plan and are following that plan makes sure that if you have an issue, you have the ability to respond


More Stress

You need to get your business back on its feet following the shutdown. Covid compliance is a lot of work. Workwatch makes it easier. 

WorkWatch has Everything You Need

To Manage Your Workplace

Reduce Your Workload

Protect your most valuable assets. The people who believe in and rely on your business.  Workwatch is a complete Safe Worksite Compliance System that supports COVID protocols, automatically screens your employees and guests for symptoms, records body temperature, and makes contact tracing easy. 

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Increase Your Confidence

Forget keeping track of data manually and storing paper records for audits.  Workwatch simplifies your reporting by storing all Safe Worksite and COVID compliance related data in a simple to use Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere.

Enforce Your Policies

Peace of mind that your staff is tracking and monitoring the Safe Workplace procedures and metrics that are important to you.  Monitor the efficiency and efficacy of your COVID and Safe Workplace procedures while also maintaining accurate compliance records and contact tracing for your health departments, staff and customers. 


Workwatch brings an advanced compliance management system to the workplace. Utilizing the latest in thermography, AI and sensor based technologies, Workwatch provides the first and most complete no-contact employee and visitor screening solution. 


Integrate & Extend

Connected Workplace systems are new for many businesses. With Covid, companies with existing solutions in place need to figure out how to adopt new features and policies without throwing away their existing systems. ThingLogix Workwatch is designed to work with what you have and we are here to help. With years of Enteprise Integration and IoT experience, we will help you get up and running fast.

Go ahead. Kick the tires

See if WorkWatch is right for your business. Contact one of our
Safe Workplace Specialists and we can set you up with a demo and a trial.


There's More

Workwatch gets REALLY powerful when you add easy to deploy sensors, thermal cameras and social distance contact tracing hardware. 

Still have questions? Contact Us

Let's Be Partners

Your customers need a full featured application to support workplace process compliance. We would love to collaborate with you to integrate your hardware or consulting services into Workwatch and ThingLogix Foundry.

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