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Accurate Screening Matters...Here's Another Example of Why

Let's face it. We are all long past the novelty of having our kids home 24/7 and our schedules simplified by their lack of outside activities. If you're like us, you're starting to get a little concerned about the long term social effects that isolating kids can bring about. Frankly...we can't wait for kids to go back to school!

As a company, we are focused right now on helping schools with their back to school planning. We have talked to hundreds of school administrators that are trying to balance all of the different risks and benefits of re-opening.

In the case of one pre-school in Bend, Oregon staff members were screened, but a simple question was missed about pending COVID-19 tests. The result was that the staff member did end up testing positive and by then it was too late. The end result is that the school had an exposure and now has to deal with shutting down again. This isn't anyone's "fault", but it serves as an illustration that screening needs to be approached like a security program. Strict and consistent protocols and good record keeping are important as is making sure you're paying attention to the results of your efforts.

With Workwatch, you have a consistent survey that is sent out to everyone, a pass is generated based on the answers of the individual. When the person arrives at school, the pass is scanned which pulls up the record for that individual. Temperatures can be taken, and now a smell test administered as well. While there's no way to screen 100% for a potential exposure, Workwatch is a way that you can be sure records are being kept, the right answers are being asked and that technology is being applied where possible.

For more information on the situation in Bend OR. Click here.

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