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COVID-19 crisis brings new visibility to IoT and building air quality

In April, an interesting article was posted on TechRepublic about Covid-19 and air quality monitoring in buildings. As companies and community organizations realize the impact infectious diseases can have on their businesses and ability to operate, concerted efforts are being made to limit potentially infectious people in confined areas. For many years, HVAC manufacturers and sensor manufacturers have been working on indoor air quality to combat "sick building syndrome". This is becoming even more critical with current COVID-19 conditions and Influenza season on the horizon.

Workwatch is built on an IoT Platform called ThingLogix Foundry. Customers have many options when it comes to adding air quality monitoring to Workwatch. Cost effective off-the-shelf sensors are available which can augment your approach to managing the health of your employees, students and buildings. As companies are headed back to the office, and students back to school. Facilities need to make sure they are accounting for good ventilation, air cleaning and monitoring.

For the complete article, click here.

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