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Orange County School Board Votes to Open in the Fall

In what is sure to be a controversial decision, Orange County School Board voted to allow school districts to re-open in the fall with special procedures put in place to combat COVID-19. Ultimately they are leaving the decisions and plans to each of the individual school districts. Their ruling did lay out the basics of suggested daily disinfection of classrooms, temperature checks and frequent hand-washing.

Obviously we feel that temperature screening, sanitation and hand-washing are key elements for safely being in indoor groups. Additionally, masks and social distancing should be considered. Many schools we are working with are going with A/B days and dividing kids into stable cohorts.

Special consideration should be also given to how to do contact tracing and isolation when there is an exposure. Workwatch uses indoor positioning to effectively measure time and distance between contacts. It's a cost effective way to remind people to stay apart as well as to highlight areas of your facility that may be prone to crowding.

A quick survey inside our company shows that parents are very comfortable with their kids are going back to school in the fall provided that the school has a plan, is executing on that plan and has contingencies in place.

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